Yenifer „Jay“ Jureit


Lili's Bar and Lili's Roof Garden can count on the long relationship of their bar manager Yenifer "Jay" Jureit: Before Jureit took up her position as bar manager at the beginning of 2021, she had been Assistant Bar Manager and Bar Supervisor for the bar for many years of the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera. Born in Colombia, she continued to work in five-star hotels such as the Roccoforte Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt and the Ritz-Carlton in Wolfsburg. As a barista, Jureit has a weakness for coffee specialties in addition to her enthusiasm for refreshments by the glass. The 34-year-old is returning for Lili's Bar with a new cocktail concept, the creations in the glass are based on selected poems by Goethe, which the most famous son of the city of Frankfurt wrote for the namesake of the bars at the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera.

The enthusiastic and experienced mixologists and champions of perfect bar service do their utmost to fulfil your every wish.

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