Our bar owes its name to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s first great love: Anna Elisabeth Schönemann, or Lili for short. Young Goethe encountered her for the first time during a private concert at her parents’ house in Frankfurt. He fell in love with the 16-year-old girl. Their engagement followed in 1775. However, it was dissolved six months later under pressure from the parents’ families. Yet Goethe never quite forgot Lili. He dedicated a poem to her, based various female characters on her and remembered her on his death bed as “the first, and perhaps the last, woman that I truly and deeply loved”.

You will find allusions and references to this lady around the bar. Artists’ portraits on the wall show Goethe and Lili in younger years. Our bar manager’s signature drinks are veritable tributes. Allow yourself to be inspired by a great love.

Simply sophisticated

Allow us to become your second living room. Whether you choose to sit in one of the comfortable armchairs, near the fireplace or at the eight-metre-long bar: Lili’s is the perfect place to spend time with a loved one, with friends or alone. Named after Goethe’s great love, Lili Schönemann, our bar is a true Frankfurt institution.

It serves as a lounge during the day, as a traditional bar in the evening and occasionally as a concert venue. Visit us for Le Goûter or Apéro Chic events. Subdued lighting and discreet music guarantee a pleasant atmosphere.

Drinks & food

As in any self-respecting bar, everything here revolves around the mixologist’s creations: first-class drinks and outstanding cocktails. We recommend the signature drinks of our bar manager Yenifer Jureit.

Your drinks can be accompanied by classic bar food – from Caesar salad to Simmentaler rumpsteak. During the morning and afternoon we also serve coffee and tea with the finest treats.

© Abaca Corporate/Vangelis Paterakis

We are located in the very heart of Frankfurt opposite the Alte Oper. How to find us.


© Abaca Corporate/Vangelis Paterakis